Do Daily Affirmations Work?

Do Daily Affirmations Work?My friend, Sue wanted to lose weight and while surfing the net one day, she came across a site which contains daily affirmations for weight loss. So she thought she’d give these affirmations a try.

I saw her a couple of months later and asked her how the affirmations were benefiting her and she exclaimed: “They don’t work!”

The truth is affirmations do work. If we can just hear our self-talk, we can clearly see that affirmations do work. When they don’t seem to work, it has something to do with what is being affirmed.

Why Daily Affirmations Don’t Seem To Work

Dr. Robert Anthony, in his book “Beyond Positive Thinking”, said that what usually happens to people who use daily affirmations is what they are affirming is in conflict with what they truly believe.

So when they say  their affirmations, there is usually a subtle yet powerful affirmations which get attached or tagged at the end of the affirmations. Dr. Anthony calls these competing affirmations “Nega-Tags” or negative affirmations.

When my friend Sue said “I want to lose weight”, the nega-tags are most likely attached at the end  affirmations. Examples of these nega-tags are as follows:

“If I lose weight, others would expect me to keep it off

“If I lose weight, men would hit on me and expect me to go to bed with them”

“If I lose weight, I have to give up my favorite desserts”

“If I lose weight, I have to change my entire wardrobe and that’s expensive”

How To Get Rid of Nega-Tags

Nega-tags are entrenched in your subconscious and have become your consistent thoughts and consequently your reality. To avoid resistance from the subconscious, the best way to frame your daily affirmations is to include the word “choose”.

For example, instead of saying “I have more clients than I can handle”, say “I choose to have more clients than I can handle.”  Which of these statements are more believable? Which statement invokes the message “Who are you kidding?”  Obviously the first, right?

Generally, when you include the word “choose” in your affirmation, it feels more convincing and easier to accept and believe. It gets rid of the nega-tags and hence is more powerful and effective.

If you want to know more about how to create powerful fast acting affirmations, read Dr. Anthony’s book “Beyond Positive Thinking”. By the way, this book is part of the bonuses when you purchased “The Secret of Deliberate Creation”. Check it out HERE and create powerful and effective daily affirmations.



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