Do You Know That Forrest Gump Teaches Law Of Attraction Techniques?

Forrest Gump Teaches Law Of Attraction TechniquesWhile I like the movie “Forrest Gump” I never really associated the lead character with law of attraction techniques, until I read this blog post which was written by Liz Gracia of Seeds of Intentions.

Essentially, it’s Forrest’s loving kindness, his non-attachment to outcomes, and his purity of heart which led to his manifesting good things in his life with ease and grace.

Law of Attraction Techniques According to Forrest Gump


For Law of Attraction techniques I refer to my own experiences and my observations of Forrest Gump….they seem to have a thread in common…

My experience has been that law of attraction and manifestations occur quickly and effortlessly when the following conditions exist:

  • I am sincerely appreciating something (whatever it is)
  • I have a lightness in my heart and am purely genuine about my feelings for this thing, experience, interaction, etc…
  • I have no intention of receiving, experiencing… whatever it is I am appreciating about this thing
  • I forget about it and have no expectations one way or the other about this subject
  • I am happy, having fun, living life, and present in the moment (for the most part of many days)
  • It shows up in magnificent ways I could have never imagined! (for a law of attraction confidence booster see my recent post about Pink!)

Now take a look at Forrest Gump. What do you remember about him? I remember him being:

  1. Unconditionally loving (for the most part)
  2. So appreciative of others in his life and only caring about being there for friends and family
  3. Doing something out of the pure joy and satisfaction of doing something and having magnificent things manifest around him and in his experience like:
  • running across country and all the hoopla surrounding that innocent endeavor
  • playing championship ping pong
  • meeting the President
  • starting a successful shrimping company (with Major Dan and if I’m not mistaken he did so to fulfill the dream he and Bubba, who died in war, decided to do )
  • assisting Lt. Dan in significant and moving ways…
  • not to mention the unconditional love he held for and demonstrated to his “girlfriend”  Jenny in this movie

Forrest Gump was absolutely pure of heart, and if he felt he weren’t being that he would say so and recognize it. He never appeared to want for anything, yet it came to him with “Ease and Grace”.

Here’s what we can take from Forrest Gump, and this is not anything new…though we all appear to need to hear it again and again until it sinks in….until we get it….until the “vibration” of this ease and knowing is a part of our energetic make-up.

You can continue to want things and call forth things you wish to be, and have, and experience in your life. The path to effortless manifestation points in the direction of “Letting Go and Letting God”, or simply appreciating everything you want to have in your life experience.

One of the reasons why some people fail to manifest what they want is they’re too attached to the outcome. They simply don’t want to let go and let the universe or God take over.

Trust that you live in a supportive universe. Trust that God supports you. Focus on your heart’s desire but as to how it’s going to happen, let go and accept that what you desire or something better is on its way.


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