Do You Want To Make Your Own Vision Board?

Make Your Own Vision BoardWay back in 1995, John Assaraf learned about vision boards. So he made a list of his goals, gathered some magazines, cut out pictures which represented his goals and pasted them on bulletin boards.

He pasted all sorts of pictures – watches, motorcycles, cars, etc. as well as a picture, an aerial shot in fact, of a house he would love to live in. He had no idea where the house was and how much it cost. He did not even care, he just thought it would be an awesome place to live in.

By 1999, he and his family moved to San Diego where he had always dreamed of living. Sometime in May of 2000, John and his son 6-year old Keenan were opening some cartons which have been sealed for 5 years when he came across his vision boards.

He pulled one of them and what he saw startled him. It was exactly the same house he and his family were living in!

Remember that what was in the vision board was an aerial shot so when he bought the house, he did not recognize it as he never saw the house from that angle.

Here is a video of John talking about his vision board. Watch this:


So, do you want to make your own vision board? Here’s how:

  • Identify your goals and dreams
  • Find images that reflect those goals and dreams
  • Sort through all the images you collected and select the images for your vision board
  • Use poster board, foam board or cork board as the backing for your vision board

If you’re having problems identifying your goals, ask yourself what you really want to have in our life.  It need not be just things but feelings like inner peace. It is wise to break down what you want in your life in categories as career, health, spiritual, financial, relationships, etc.

Find the images which represent what you want from magazines, preferably those which have great photos. You can also find images on the web – images from search engines like Bing and Google.

Look at each of these pictures. Which ones make your heart swell, even just a bit. Which ones inspire you or motivate you? Choose these images.

I personally have my own vision board but it’s in a digital format. What I  did after I have selected my images was I did a PowerPoint presentation and I added my favorite music to it. I watch it everyday before I begin my work day and before I retire at night.

My digital vision board has images of how I want my life to be — the place where I want to live, the house I want to live in, the car I want, places I like to visit and all the other stuff and feelings I want to experience including a close relationship with God.

Go and make your own vision board and have fun doing it.

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