How Do I Create Powerful And Effective Daily Affirmations?

How Do I Create Powerful And Effective Daily Afiirmations

While I didn`t believe this before, daily affirmations do work!

When I was still studying for my Bachelor’s degree, I had a classmate who almost always got the highest grade in exams. So one day, I asked him, “Peter, how do you do it? How come you always get the highest grade in exams?”

I thought I would get a response that’s something like, “It’s my study habits” or “I think I have a far better memory than the rest of you” or “I’m the professor’s favorite. She gives me the test questions in advance.” :)

Much to my surprise, Peter said “I recite affirmations daily, before I get out of bed to start my day and before I go to sleep.” And then he told me a few of  his daily affirmations.

I didn’t believe him that time but interestingly, he graduated summa cum laude (the highest academic distinction).

Over the years, I learned more about affirmations and has proven to myself that they really work!  Those who tried and said they don’t work are probably doing it wrong.

So how do you create powerful and effective daily affirmations?  According to Dr. Robert Anthony in his book “Beyond Positive Thinking, affirmations must:

  1.     Be in the present tense
  2.     State what you want and NOT what you don`t want
  3.     Be specific
  4.     Contain words that trigger feelings and emotions
  5.     Focus on the best possible outcome
  6.     NOT contain any negative words or negative affirmative statement
  7.     Be personal
  8.     NOT make comparisons
  9.     Be believable
  10.     Create balance
  11.     Conform to the`Secrecy`principle

Affirmations Must Be In The Present Tense

Affirmations must be in the present tense because there is no past or future as far as the subconscious is concerned. So if you keep on remembering past events, the subconscious thinks they’re happening again, right at that very moment.

Don’t use the words “soon”, “someday, “tomorrow”.  Feel that whatever you are affirming is taking place right now.

Affirmations Must State What You Want And NOT What You Don’t Want

State in your affirmations what you are moving forward to not what you are moving away from. The tendency of a lot of people is to affirm what they don’t want and not what they want.

Also, see to it that your affirmations say something you really want and not what you should want. If you lose interest in your affirmations in a short while, then it’s most probably because what you are affirming is a should instead of a want.

Affirmations Must Be Specific

You must state exactly what you want, not something general or vague. For example, instead of saying ‘I choose to be rich’, you can say ‘I choose to earn $100,000 this year.’ (if being rich  to you means earning a hundred thousand dollars).

Affirmations Must Contain Words That Trigger Feelings And Emotions

The words to use depend on the individual. Some words may stir some emotions in one person and may not on another. Personally, I like to use the words fun, enjoyable and easy in my affirmations.

Affirmations Must Focus On The Best Possible Outcome

So think of the best possible outcome you want.  For example, if you affirmed for a new apartment, you may end up in a small, noisy, poorly ventilated place. So you might say instead ‘I choose to live in a clean, spacious, well maintained apartment in a peaceful neighborhood.’

Affirmations Must Not Contain Any Negative Words Or Statement

Avoid words like No, Not, Get rid Of, Never, Don’t, etc.  Moreover, instead of saying for example ‘I choose to get rid of my stress.’, you can say ‘I choose to feel calm and relaxed.’

Affirmations Must Be Personal

You can only affirm for yourself, not for others. So you can’t say ‘I choose to have John love me.’

Affirmations Must Not Make Comparisons

Remember that you are not in competition with anyone. We are here to create, not to compete. So don`t affirm that you are good or better than anybody else.

Affirmations Must Be Believable

It`s no use to affirm something that you cannot accept at a subconscious level so the key here is balance. If you affirm something that is too easy, then you won`t be motivated enough to move towards it.  On the other hand, if the goal you are affirming is too hard to achieve, then you might get intimidated by it and find it hard to start.

Affirmations Must Create Balance

When you create affirmations, see to it that it`s not focused on just one area of you life. Create affirmations for all areas – financial, relationships, health, spiritual, career, etc.  – so you will grow as a total person, not just someone who excels in one area of life.

Affirmations Must Conform To The Secrecy Principle

Keep your goals and affirmations to yourself because when you tell other people, they may discourage you, try to stop you, tell you it`s nonsense and so on.

So there you go. I hope this short guide to writing powerful and fast acting daily affirmations is helpful to you.  Daily affirmations play a major role in the how to manifest anything process.

If you want to know more about affirmations and manifesting, read Dr. Robert Anthony’s e-book “Beyond Positive Thinking”. You can have this ebook for free as it is one of the bonuses when you buy “The Secret of Deliberate Creation”, an excellent resource not just on daily affirmations but also on how to manifest anything your heart desires.

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