Do You Know How To Manifest Anything?

Do You Know How To Manifest AnythingMary Shelley might have been a good person to ask how to manifest anything. In 1816 in Geneva, Switzerland, Mary was attempting to create a compelling fictional story that she could turn into a novel.

While considering a variety of ideas and becoming engaged in conversations about potential plot lines and character descriptions, Mary was directing her mental energy towards this goal.

It is said that she awoke abruptly in the early hours of the morning engulfed in moonlight coming in through her window.

The dream that was responsible for her awakening was the inspiration for her still famous novel, Frankenstein.

Mary Shelley’s account of this phenomenon is not uncommon. Attributed to famous Greek scholar Archimedes, a ‘eureka moment’ is a sudden revelation that provides a solution to a sought after problem.

Eureka moments have been responsible for a number of dramatic discoveries in many fields of study ranging from science to philosophy, the arts, and beyond. While the results of one individual’s accomplishments may differ significantly from the next, the process by which people manifest solutions to difficult problems are similar and can be repeated.

There are commonalities between every great thinkers experience with manifestations.

• Clear away the intellectual debris that is blocking inspiration.
• Contemplate the problem in detail to better understand the situation.
• Consider the challenge of the situation.
• Compare possible solutions.
• Challenge the mind to solve the problem.

The process of how to manifest anything will begin with a clear mind. The modern world is filled with distracting influences that are competing for people’s attention. By eliminating these distracting influences, individuals are able to move closer to the solutions they desire.

Having isolated a concern, it is time to contemplate the problem from all angles. People often become engrossed in only that which is immediately in front of them. By recognizing that a situation may have multiple sources of conflict, it becomes possible to seek multiple solutions.

The challenges of the situation should become more apparent throughout this process. Whether the goal is to write an original novel, produce the next great formula in physics, or find a new career, each will have its own challenges. To allow the mind to manifest a solution it must be provided with a place to start.

As the individual is working towards his or her ultimate goal, it is possible to have many places to start. By focusing on the enormity of a situation, it may seem overwhelming. If each day a little is taken away from one aspect of the problem, then the next day will be more manageable.

Up till now, the process has been proactive. The mind can only feed on what it is fed. The final step or eureka moment will arrive by surprise as the result of the preparations that have been made in advance.

Mary did not dream of Frankenstein and then shift her focus. The foundation for the manifestation must come first. This is essential in the process of how to manifest anything.

So far, what I have discussed is the role the conscious mind plays when you want to manifest the solution to a problem. But actually, while we have one brain, we have two minds. Aside from the conscious mind, we have the subconscious mind which plays a bigger role in the manifestation process.

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