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Daily Affirmations

While I didn`t believe this before, daily affirmations do work! When I was still studying for my Bachelor’s degree, I had a classmate who almost... (more...)

My friend, Sue wanted to lose weight and while surfing the net one day, she came across a site which contains daily affirmations for weight loss. So she... (more...)

Law Of Attraction Techniques

The Law of Attraction is at work each and every moment of our lives that it’s quite important to be always aware of the kind of vibration we’re... (more...)

While I like the movie “Forrest Gump” I never really associated the lead character with law of attraction techniques, until I read this blog... (more...)

Visualization Techniques

Way back in 1995, John Assaraf learned about vision boards. So he made a list of his goals, gathered some magazines, cut out pictures which represented... (more...)

I first became aware of the power of visualization in the manifestation process after reading Shakti Gawain’s “Creative Visualization, where... (more...)

How To Manifest Anything

I finished reading Doreen Virtue’s Divine Magic just the other day and my favorite chapter in the book was Chapter Nine where Doreen discusses the... (more...)

How do you start manifesting abundance?  The answer really is simple – in order to manifest abundance, you must first feel abundant because truthfully,... (more...)

If I were to ask you today what’s the first thing you want to know about manifestation, you probably will ask me how you can manifest money. Actually,... (more...)

Mary Shelley might have been a good person to ask how to manifest anything. In 1816 in Geneva, Switzerland, Mary was attempting to create a compelling... (more...)

Meditation And Alpha Brainwaves

Recent scientific studies have drawn a clear connection between meditation and alpha brainwaves. The studies are part of a concerted effort in the scientific... (more...)